Pneumatic Tyre Changing Machine

Pneumatic Tyre Changing Machine is a new semi-automatic tyre changer with swinging arm. The horizontal positioning of the tool is obtained by means of a threaded hand wheel. Horizontal positioning of the Automotive Tyre Changing Machine is obtained by means of a threaded hand wheel. Operating on various wheel of the same dimension means that the tool maintains original position. The single action lever locks the shafts vertically, causing at the same time the movement upwards to the peak.


Model HTC-440
Bead breaker opening/force 325 mm/ 1400kg
Maximum wheel diameter 1000 mm
Wheel width 3"-12"
Working pressure 8-16 bar
Weight 175 kg approx.
Single Phase 1.1 KW / 220v-50hz
Self centering chuck opening 12"-20" external clamping & 11"-22" internal clamping